Core Competance

There are many reasons why companies subcontract. Medical, payroll, benefits, accounting, legal, taxes, janitorial, computer support and more are all subcontracted services. It's very common for contractors to use subcontractors when they need someone for a job with specialized skills.

Most contractors realize they work the best when they stick to their own trade. They have all the tools and expertise to get their job done much quicker and with more quality than someone that's not set up for it. If you're an electrician, your tool box is very different than a carpenter's or a plumber's. Total Contractor offers a unique tool box for all your customer contact and marketing needs.

Improved Customer Results

Many contractors realize they aren't doing enough to proactively identify new business. They stay focused on a project like they should but when they finish they have nothing else lined up. They scramble to ramp up their sales activities without making money while they do it. It's a vicious cycle and every contractor has experienced it.

Total Contractor is an subcontracted service just like any other except we specialize in inside sales, online and print material marketing, and call support for contractors. Just like you wouldn't try to take on a project you know little about, why would you try to tackle all the back office tasks that are not your core competency.

The Value Of Your Time & Money

The loss of your earning potential is huge. You're losing premium billings every hour you spend in the office taking care of support activities or unnecessary phone calls that could be handled at a much lower rate. Add up all that time and you're talking about hundreds of dollars a week or more! Even worse, the entire time you're doing it you'd rather be out working your trade, fishing or playing with your kids! It's simply a question of how much your time is worth?

Hiring cost is another big reason to subcontract. It's tough to justify hiring a fulltime person to answer phones, make sales calls, and be your Jack-of-all-trades. By the time you factor in all the employment costs like training, turn over, wrong hires, slow seasons, wages and healthcare issues, it just makes sense to use outside specialty subcontractors. Professional teams in a subcontracting company will be much more cost efficient than one or two people trying to handle everything at your office. It's also easier to scale a virtual team of subcontractors up or down as you need them and it helps eliminate the employment headaches.