A Support Specialist will be assigned to your account and will be responsible to set up all your services. You'll need your contact info ready, and a credit card number we can use to bill your service. Your Specialist will enter all your company information, your team members contact information, and the services you want to use. All this information can be updated at any time. Your Specialist will also describe the process and details to set up you web presense and marketing campaigns.


First we'll set up your telephone answering service. We'll need to know what questions you want us to ask your callers to qualify their needs. We enter these questions into our system so that we are sure to ask them all correctly. We have many examples to help you decide when we should take a message, and when we should track you down. If you have multiple team members we will need their contact information and criteria too.

Once the service is established you simply forward your telephone number to one we will have set up for you. You can forward both your company number and cell phone number if you want us to answer them both. When we get a call we will determine which type it is; prospect, existing customer, administrative, or personal. Then we will ask them the questions you requested in a friendly and conversational manner to determine whether to take a detailed message, forward it to the correct person's extension or voicemail, or if critical, put them on hold and try to track you down.

Tracking you down can be difficult when you're in the field. It is important to set up a 'Hotline' access to you and your team so that we can be sure important calls or prospects are not lost. Most often we'll quickly call your cell phones. When you get the call you'll recognize the Hotline number and drop what you're doing to take it.