All the Services a Contractor Needs


Every business needs a fresh flow of new leads. There are many ways to proactively find leads AND stay in contact with your customers and prospects on a very small budget. If you're interested in adding new advertising and marketing programs to boost your business we can help. We have very affordable ways to build your online presence with a modern website and a whole series of integrated marketing campaigns to attract buyers to your business.


Our mission is to qualify each call, understand exactly what's needed, and then route the caller to the correct person in your company. All calls will be answered in a friendly and conversational manner to make your customers feel right at home. If we need to take a message we'll add as much detail as possible then forward it to you via voicemail, email or as a text message. We can schedule your appointments and confirm them ahead of time. If something's urgent we'll even try to track you down!

We Know How To Handle All Types of Callers


Are you making all the calls necessary to keep your business pipeline full? For most contractors, making the required number of prospecting calls is usually their last priority. Who has the time or desire to sit down and make all those calls? It's simple, Total Contractor!


  • Making regular calls to your contacts to keep those prospects warm?

  • Touching base with other contractors with referral offers?

  • Making customer satisfaction calls to check in with your past clients...any new projects?

  • Telemarketing for new leads?


Do you have a bunch of dusty old file boxes sitting around? Wish you could get at any customer data immediately? Want to have all your contacts, collaterol, proposals, quotes, and documents online all the time? Send us copies or electronic files so we can get them loaded into a secure database for you. We can even send you a portable scanner to help automate the process. You'll have instant access to all your data from your computer or smart phone so you and your employees can focus on using the information, instead of looking for it!

Did you include...

  • Stacks of business cards sitting on your desk?

  • Names and phone numbers in your cell phone?

  • A list of all your past customers?

  • Contacts for subcontractors?

  • The names of referral companies and key contacts?