Hot Prospects

When you get a call about your service we realize the importance of this new lead. Critical questions need to be asked to qualify the potential. We'll work with you up front to agree on what you want us to ask to warm up the lead. Based on your criteria we'll either take a message for you, follow up with requested information, or track you down right then to close the qualified caller. We won't bother you with tire kickers but when a hot prospect calls we'll send you a 'hotline' notice on your cell phone to drop everything and take the urgent call.

Never miss a hot prospect call again! All it takes is one voicemail to send your interested caller away.

Existing Customers

Your customers expect to be treated courteously and with a high priority. They don't want to hear an answering machine or telephone prompts. They want to know that if their call is urgent someone will try to help them track down the right person.

Each customer will be asked targeted questions to help us determine the right action to take. We'll gather up as much detail as we can and then forward the call to you, or leave you a detailed message by text or email depending on the urgency. We can even add the caller to our calender and call them back later to make sure they were contacted and the issues were resolved. We'll feed these follow-up results back to you so you can decide if further action is needed.


There may be a time when you're short staffed or just tired of dealing with some of the administrative tasks for your business. Maybe you need someone to help with scheduling and confirming appointments, or tracking down payments, or sending out correspondence...the list is endless.

Let us know what you need and we'll help come up with a plan to support those efforts. Some areas where we could help might include:

  • Managing State and Federal rebates

  • Referral programs

  • Collections

  • Vendor requests

  • Customer surveys and QA


When your phone is forwarded to us we will be answering ALL your calls, even the personal ones. You can rest assured that we will answer these calls warmly and respectfully to determine how urgent the call is. If needed, we will either track you down with a 'hot line' call, or send you a message so that you can call them back when you can. We can also forward them to your voicemail if they prefer to leave you a detailed private message.