Tickler Calls

We all have a stack of business cards sitting around somewhere in our office. Why not have us give those contacts a call every once in a while to see if they have any needs or know of someone who does. We'll update all their contact info and add it to your secure database so you can have easy access to the information. We can use the same database to send follow-up email campaigns and direct mailers once in a while too.

Contractor Referral Calls

What about leveraging your fellow contractors? Maybe their customers could use your services. Why not stay in touch and remind them that you're still available? You can contact them periodically to offer special discounts or tell them about new services you offer. It's a great way to stay on their radar screen when the need for your type services comes up.

Customer Satisfaction Calls

When's the last time you picked up all those old customer files and started calling them to see how they're doing? This is probably one of the best sources of new business yet most contractors don't have the time to check in regularly. Maybe those customers are thinking about adding another project or know of someone else that is. We can perform an 'independent' customer survey at the end of every project as a great way to thank your customers for their business and build lasting referral relationships.

Telemarketing Calls for New Leads

OK, so now you've exhausted all your own contacts and you need to find new ones. There are many lead lists available to use for telemarketing in your neighborhood. These lists can be purchased, and we can call them for you. When we reach a hot prospect we'll forward them immediately to your team to close the deal. We can also help create your own advertising campaigns and follow up with calls to those prospects. Every new contact will be added to your secure database for use in future sales campaigns.