We recommend starting with a free analysis of your current website. It will probably need a tune up to work best with SEO, internet advertising, affiliate marketing, and referral links. If you don't have a website we can create a new one for you and a Facebook page too. These will let you take advantage of all the online tools available to attract customers to your business. Remember, most people use the internet when shopping for services. If you don't have a strong presense online you'll loose over half of the people browsing for your service.

Next we suggest you gather up all your contacts so that we can load them into your secure database and then validate their information. You can send copies of your contact information to us in any form you have...business cards, written notes, documents, orders, etc., whatever's convenient. Please only send copies or electronic files and keep the originals for yourself. Ask us about the portable scanner we can send to you to help automate the process.

Here's a tip, when you meet people remember to capture their full names, cell phone numbers and email addresses so you can stay in touch with these new contacts online and on the phone in the future.

Once your contacts are loaded and verified in your secure database, we can start marketing your services. Sending out emails is a good first step. You will get an email sample to use when you sign up. Sending emails on a regular basis is a great way to stay in touch using special offers, announcements, birthdays, and holidays throughout the year. Printed mailers, flyers, and business cards are important too. They all make you look professional.

You can add our telephone support services at any time. It's a great way for us to get to know your company and how you prefer to do business. Your customers will notice an immediate improvement in how their calls are being handled and you will begin to notice the time you save. It will also give us both a feel for on how much telephone traffic to expect. You can add appointment scheduling and various other outbound call services too.