So often, the most valuable information a contractor has is just sitting in a box in their office. All those contacts you have buried in old proposals and stacks of business cards are potential leads for new projects. Why not get that data out of those piles and into a database where you can use it?

Make a copy of those piles and send them to us, or even better send electronic files, and we'll automatically scan them into your secure contact database. We'll even send you a portable scanner so you can do it regularly thoughout the year. We can download the contact information to your local computer or add it to an online database where you can log in and manage your contacts from anywhere. Your new database will open up a world of opportunity.'ll have everyone's phone number handy all the time. You can start using their email addresses to keep them informed about your services. Why not be proactive with the people you've already met? Email campaigns can be sent with a simple push of a button! We can also give those contacts a call every once in a while to say 'hello' and make sure their information is still correct.

But don't stop there, scan all your documents, estimates, invoices, expenses, brochures, you name it and we'll organize them all for you so you have access to them electronically anytime and anywhere. We can even load the data into reports for you to first review, and then send along to bookkeepers or accountants.

All your data will be locked in a secure area and isolated from any other data in our system. Access is only provided to those with user rights and logins necessary to support your account. We are very proud of our security procedures and you can rest assured your proprietary data will stay that way!