Corporations are very familiar with the benefits of outsourcing. Unfortunately, there just haven't been many options available to outsource inside sales and marketing in the contractor industry. Total Contractor changes all that. Now companies can get the same outsourcing benefits for their customer facing roles as they've been getting for years in other departments. Company efforts can now be focused on field services while we help take care of the other customer activities in the office.

Here are just a few of the corporate benefits with Total Contractor....

More cost effective than a new hire

Hiring Hard Costs
  • Wage

  • Withholdings

  • Sick Leave

  • Vacation

  • Medical

  • Office space

  • Equipment and support

  • Insurance

  • Overtime







Hiring Soft Costs
  • Training time from others

  • Unproductive ramp up time

  • Management & admin time

  • Personal use of company time

  • Wrong hire total loss

  • Resignation to competitor

  • Performance issues

  • Absenteeism

  • Lunch and break times

  • Office distractions

  • EEOC and workers comp issues







Total Contractor Benefits
  • Contractors can adjust their budgets and services as the needs of the company change without affecting full time employees

  • Potentially more beneficial tax write-offs than employment expense

  • Minimal impact from turnover

  • Much easier to adjust staffing sizes to seasonal demands

  • Easily scalable to meet the needs of expansion to new areas

Better workforce flexibility

By having a large team of skilled Support Specialists, Total Contractor can flex and adjust industry skilled resources to support any changing circumstances as they come up.

  • Quickly adjust staffing sizes to meet your needs up or down

  • No layoffs at your company during slow periods

  • Supplement your staff during peak periods

  • Minimize the impact of your talent getting poached

More integrated lead generation campaigns

We handle website design and support, marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns and printed materials. Everything is tied together with consistent messaging. All media is linked to website pages that are built to invite further actions from the visitors. Marketing campaigns are fed to the Support Specialists dynamically so they are aware of all offers in real time to help the promotions. Affiliate advertising space is provided to partners to help monetize referrals from your site. There's no need to try to coordinate all these resources from separate companies

Better Metrics

We track everything so companies can...

  • Get a true picture of the success of their campaigns and calls

  • Keep track of our performance serving their clients

  • Make better decisions based on real data and not speculation