Attract more sales

Most contractors started their business because they're really good at a certain skill. Unfortunately, that skill isn't usually sales and marketing. In fact, most contractors really don't enjoy sales or lead generation at all. Now you have a virtual team to help focus on these areas.

Never lose a lead to voicemail

This is a huge problem. Let's use an example. Say you need someone to fix your stereo. You search the internet and start calling. If the call goes to voicemail you hang up and call the next one. Your customers are doing the same thing when they call you. Why lose a lead to voicemail when you can have a friendly and helpful person there to answer every call on the first try?

Avoid hiring issues and family burnout

Contractors know they need staff but can't afford the cost to hire them, especially those with the right customer skills. Instead, they lean on their spouse, family and friends to help until they can't do it anymore. There's no reason to put your important tasks on hold when you run out of resources at the home office.

Get part time help any time

Finding someone to work part time with the all the skills needed is next to impossible. Even if you find someone, you'll spend a bunch of time training them only to see them move on to a full time job somewhere else. You can forget these issues and have professional resources available any time.

Don't let language be a barrier

Contractors lose customers on the phone every day if it's tough to understand their message. Now they can add a professional front end to their business simply by forwarding their phones to the experts at Total Contractor.

Screen out the wrong activities

Tire much time have you spent on a call with someone you know will never be a customer, or that talks too much. What about lead generation efforts that never panned out? Why waste time on ineffective calls or marketing activities when you have a team of Specialists that can free up time for you every day?

Identify your business successes

Your income varies from year to year. Do you have any idea why? Can you point to metrics about your call volumes, successful marketing campaigns, amount of referral business, special offers, etc. It's important to understand what's working and what's not. Maybe it's time to have someone tracking these results for you.

It's OK to be the little guy

Even if it's just you and your truck you still have a small volume of calls that need someone there answering them all the time. How effective can you be with a hammer in one hand and a customer on your cell phone in the other? How about a little lead generation help too, and maybe someone to follow-up on your calls?

Tune up your image

The way your website and marketing materials look speaks volumes about the way you run your business. If you want to attract top clients you have to dress the part. A strong and modern online presence will open up a whole new world of customers searching for your services.